U.S. National Security Adviser John Bolton is expected to visit Turkey next week for talks on coordination of regional security between Turkey and U.S. after Trump's decision to withdraw its troops from Syria.

Bolton will arrive at the Turkish capital Ankara on Jan. 8 following his visit to Israel.

"Looking forward to visiting Israel&Turkey in January. We will discuss our continued work confronting security challenges facing allies&partners in the region, including the next phase of the fight against ISIS, as the U.S. begins to bring troops home from Syria," Bolton tweeted last week, using another name for the Daesh terrorist group.

In a surprising move, U.S. President Donald Trump on Dec. 19 announced the withdrawal of 2,000 troops from Syria.

Trump made the decision during a phone call with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in which the two leaders agreed on the need for more effective coordination over the civil war-torn country.

U.S. troops in Syria have been cooperating with the YPG/PKK to fight Daesh, against Turkey’s objections that using one terror group to fight another makes no sense.