South Africa’s main opposition Party, the Democratic Alliance said Saturday it will introduce incentives to attract foreign investment to the country, once elected in the upcoming general elections.

“Our manifesto will pass the jobs act which will allow for tax incentives for people to come and open businesses (in South Africa) that will create jobs,” opposition leader Mmusi Maimane told supporters during the launch of his party’s election campaign manifesto in Johannesburg.

He said his government’s first task in turning around the economy will be to assure investors that their investments will be safe in South Africa.

“We will give complete policy certainty to business through guaranteed private property rights that will be upheld for everyone in our country,” Maimane said.

Last year, South Africa’s ruling African National Congress party (ANC) adopted a motion to amend the constitution so as to allow the expropriation of land without compensation.

Land is a sensitive issue in South Africa, where the majority of the natural resource remains in the hands of a few whites.

The DA says once it assumes office it will stop the land bill and introduce business-friendly policies.

It also said it will make it easy for skilled foreign nationals to come to South Africa where they can work and transfer their skills to locals. 

- Migration

On migration, the DA promised to secure South Africa’s borders by ensuring that illegal migrants and criminal syndicates are kept out of borders of Africa’s most industrialized economy.

"We want to make sure that our country has got secure borders. So that, anyone who wants to come in legally is welcome, but not those who want to come in illegally,” Maimane said to a thunderous applaud from the crowd.

The DA accused the ANC of failing to control illegal immigration to the country, claiming, “South Africa hosts an unknown number of undocumented migrants.”

Due to this, the government can not properly budget for public services such as health and education because of the unknown number of illegal immigrants, Maimane said.

South Africa hosts several migrants mostly from Africa and Asia.

In the recent past, migrants have been attacked by locals who accuse them of stealing their jobs and business opportunities