The U.S. Embassy in Khartoum has called on Sudan’s military rulers to halt attacks on protesters camped out near the army headquarters in the capital. 

At least 13 protesters were killed and scores injured when security forces on Monday moved in to clear a main protest camp near the army headquarters in Khartoum. 

“Sudanese security forces’ attacks against protesters and other civilians is wrong and must stop. Responsibility falls on the TMC [Transitional Military Council],” the U.S. Embassy said on Twitter. 

British Ambassador in Khartoum, Irfan Siddiq, also called for halting attacks on protesters in the Sudanese capital. 

“Extremely concerned by the heavy gunfire I’ve been hearing over the last hour from my Residence and reports that Sudanese security forces are attacking the protest sit-in site resulting in casualties,” he said on Twitter. 

“No excuse for any such attack. This must stop now.” 

The sit-in near the army headquarters has been the epicenter of protests demanding the TMC hand over power to a civilian government. 

In early April, Sudan’s military establishment deposed long-serving President Omar al-Bashir following months of popular demonstrations against his 30-year rule. 

The TMC is now overseeing a two-year transitional period during which it has pledged to hold presidential elections. 

Demonstrators, however, have remained on the streets to demand that the TMC relinquish power -- at the earliest possible date -- to a civilian authority.