Egyptian army announced late Wednesday it had discovered 39 tunnels on the borders with the Gaza Strip since June 9 loaded with commodities ready to be smuggled. “The seized commodities were referred to the prosecution and all necessary legal procedures had been taken,” the official spokesman for the army said in a press statement. He described it as being part of the efforts exerted by the Border Guards to secure the Egyptian borders and “abort all plots and attempts to undermine stability and national security.” A security source told Anadolu Agency that the army troops had closed five tunnels on the borders with Gaza on Wednesday. He added that the tunnels, which were being used to smuggle commodities into Gaza, had been sealed. Underground tunnels are a lifeline for the Palestinians living in Gaza, which has been under an Israeli blockade since 2006. They constitute a major commercial artery between Gaza and Egypt and are being used to carry food, fuel and construction materials into Gaza.