Syrian regime forces killed at least 93 people were killed on Saturday in several cities across the country, opposition activists said. Assad forces killed 24 people in Aleppo, 19  in the suburbs of Damascus, 13 in Daraa'a, 19 in the suburbs of Damascus, 9 each in Dayr az-Zor and Hama, 8 in Idlip, 5 in Quneitra, 4 Lazkiyah and 2 in Homs, according to the London-based Syrian Network for Human Rights (SNHR), which tracks civilian and dissident casualties. Eight children and 7 women were among the dead, with many people injured in artillery and rocket attacks by the regime forces, said the SNHR. Assad forces suffered heavy losses mostly in the suburbs of Damascus, added the statement. The statement also said Free Syrian Army (FSA) troops killed several soldiers loyal to Assad regime and Shabiha militia in an attack on a building in Jobar district of Damascus, and sporadic street clashes has been taking place in Harasta, Yarmouk, Darayya and Qabun. The statement also said the FSA forces downed a MIG warplane in Badet Shar, in Hama suburbs, adding armed opposition forces destroyed 6 tanks and several armoured vehicles near 66th brigade. Information provided by the SNHR could not be independently verified. Syria's state news agency SANA said that regime forces had made major gains against opposition fighters in operations across the country.