As the Western powers try to add military option to UN Security Council resolution regarding Russian-US deal on the Syrian chemical stockpile, the secretary general of the NATO said the military option should be on the table. Anders Rasmussen welcomed a Russian-US agreement on stripping the Syrian regime of its chemical stockpile, but added it was essential for keeping momentum in the diplomatic and political process that the military option remained on the table. “Irrespective of the deliberation at the UN Security Council, the military option will be on the table,” he said at an event organized by the Carnegie Europe think-tank. The chief of military alliance also voiced support for Turkey's shooting down of a Syrian helicopter that crossed into Turkish airspace on Monday. Rasmussen said Turkey informed the military alliance, and added “There is no reason for suspicion over the information that we received from Turkey.” The Western members of the UN Security Council want to add a military clause to a chemical deal to keep pressure over Assad regime. Russia opposes such a clause.