Immigration, one of the biggest issues the US has been facing for many years, remains behind Washington's busy agenda of destroying Syria's chemical weapons, softening relations with Iran, the government shutdown and the increasing debt ceiling. US President Barack Obama started his second term with immigration reform with 12 million illegal immigrants hoping to become citizens. However, no steps were taken on the matter as months passed in Obama's second presidential term. The US Senate had passed an inclusive immigration bill at the end of June which gave over ten million unauthorized immigrants a chance for citizenship, but stayed at the House of Representatives where Republicans dominate. The bill was prepared by eight senators from two parties. Republican John Boehner, Head of the House of Representatives, announced the bill could not be accepted in its current form as it would lead to an 'unknown' end of the proposal.  Some democrats want the immigration bill to become law within 2013. Last week, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi presented a comprehensive resolution on immigration reform. Pelosi's draft law fits the reform which passed the Senate.  During the weekend, immigrants staged 'Honor and Respect' walks in nearly 150 US cities as thousands called on politicians to pass the reform in front of Congress in Washington.