Sanctions on Iran would continue as long as doubts linger as to its nuclear program, French President Francois Hollande said Sunday during his visit to Israel. Hollande met Israeli President Simon Peres and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in capital Tel Aviv. "France will not bow to Iran's expansionist nuclear policies. Demands and sanctions will go on till we are sure of Tehran's nuclear ambitions," Hollande said. France is alleged to have derailed a deal between Iran and world powers under the wire. President Peres said his country was "grateful" for France's stance on a deal that Israel deemed too concessive and wanted scuttled. "We are with you in our joint effort to prevent Iran's dangerous ambitions to dominate the Middle East," Peres told Hollande. Leaders from the US, Russia, China, Britain, France, Germany, and Iran will again meet in Geneva from November 20 in search for a deal.

French President Hollande said he remained hopeful of peace talks between Israel and Palestinians, reiterating that his country backed a two-state solution.

"We shouldn't delay peace with Palestinians," he said. "It is now time we took steps to reach a two-state solution, which we all support."

The negotiations, launched through US State Secretary John Kerry's shuttle diplomacy in July between Israeli and Palestinian leaders, have been marred with occasional incidents of violence and Israel's insistence on continuing its settlement policies.