European Union's (EU) High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Catherine Ashton stated on Friday that they welcome Ukraine President Petro Poroshenko's ceasefire and peace plan.

"We very much welcome the announcement today by President Poroshenko of a ceasefire and a 15-point plan for the peaceful settlement of the crisis in Eastern Ukraine," said Ashton in a written statement. 

Poroshenko outlined a 15-point peace plan on Friday with the goal of reaching a cease-fire with the pro-Russian separatists and laying the ground for a political solution.

Ashton called on all sides to seize "this long sought opportunity to reverse the trend of an ever worsening security and humanitarian situation in Eastern Ukraine," adding, "we commend President Poroshenko for his efforts."

She emphasized that all parties will need to abide by the conditions of the peace plan and actively promote its implementation.

"We in particular call on the Russian Federation to use all its influence to this end and to support this plan publicly and through concrete action", Ashton added.