Attendees at the meeting, the ninth of its kind, also discussed lessons identified from activities already carried out this year, including the flood-related disaster relief. They then developed and approved the engineering training calendar for 2015.

External engineers from EUFOR’s troop contributing nations of Austria and Slovenia also attended, as did a representative from the US. AFBiH representatives from the Engineer Battalion, Operations Command and the Joint Staff were also present.

Commander EUFOR, Major General Dieter Heidecker, addressed the attendees. “We pay special attention to the engineer part of capacity building and training, because the development of conventional military engineering capabilities in the AF BiH also serves the local communities in crisis situations,” he said.

EUFOR’s capacity building and training programme is designed primarily to ensure that AF BiH have the skills to deploy and positively contribute to international missions abroad and humanitarian assistance at home. A promotional campaign was launched this week under the slogan ‘arming with knowledge’.

Source: EUFOR