An intruder jumped the White House late Wednesday but was quickly apprehended after a being caught by a service dog.

News video footage showed a man who was in white shorts inside the White House fence lift his shirt as if declare that he had no weapons and then he kicked two Secret Service dogs that were released on him.

"The individual was immediately taken into custody on the North lawn of the White House by Secret Service Uniformed Division K-9 teams and Uniformed Division Officers," Secret Service spokesman Edwin Donovan told the American network CBS News. 

The White House was reportedly locked down for about an hour and 35 minutes after the incident.

It was the seventh breach of the White House fences this year.  

In one of the most publicized security failures, Omar Gonzalez scaled the north fence of the White House on Sept. 19 and crossed the lawn while ignoring verbal commands from Secret Service officers.

He was able to enter through the front door and was subsequently arrested on the state floor. He was carrying a knife when arrested. 

The incident put the Secret Service under scrutiny and led to the resignation of its then director, Julia Pierson.

Anadolu Agency