The European Union is facing an uneasy economic situation, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said after the EU leaders summit in Brussels on Friday.

She warned that swift measures need to be taken to increase the EU's competitiveness, revive its economy and reduce unemployment.

Regarding British Prime Minister David Cameron's reaction to the surprise €2.1 billion surcharge the EU demanded of him last week, Merkel said the calculations were accurate.

A furious David Cameron said on Friday that his country will not pay the bill on such short notice, which comes at a time when anti-EU parties such as UKIP are gaining political momentum against EU policies in his country. 

"If people think I am paying that bill on 1st December, they have another thing coming," Cameron said speaking to the press in Brussels.

Germany's leader said the solution will be decided by the EU's finance ministers, admitting that it is not "easy to pay €2 billion in three weeks."

European finance ministers are to convene an emergency meeting next month, in response to the British leader's outrage.

"Cameron did not say he would not pay. He only complained about the short deadline," Merkel added.

While other countries, including Netherlands, Greece and Italy, are due to make similar payments, German and France will receive refunds of around €1 billion each. 

Anadolu Agency