A mass grave thought to hold the remains of nearly 100 migrants has been found in northern Malaysia, following the discovery of dozens of bodies in trafficking camps across the border with Thailand, local media reported Sunday.

The Star Online cited unnamed sources as saying police forensic vehicles were observed returning from the border town of Padang Besar as commando and forensic teams came to the site believed to contain Muslim Rohinga victims late Friday.

“So far, no details are available as it is believed police are in the middle of conducting the operation,” a source was quoted as saying.

While the exact location of the grave has not been confirmed, an unnamed police officer at Padang Besar’s police headquarters said the site was a restricted area blocked off to civilians.

He added that it “has been cordoned off and it is located at a hilly site.”

According to sources, national police chief Khalid Abu Bakar is expected to hold a press conference Monday.

Earlier this month, the bodies of more than 30 migrants were discovered in southern Thailand, prompting a crackdown that led to smugglers fleeing and boatloads of the migrants then turning up on Thai, Indonesian and Malaysian shores, while many more remained at sea.

Malaysia had previously denied allegations that some of its nationals were linked to the human trafficking syndicate behind the mass graves discovered in Thailand.

Deputy Home Minister Wan Junaidi Tuanku Jaafar had told Anadolu Agency that there had "as yet" been no evidence to indicate such involvement.

"We are still waiting for details of the raid. Until the details reach us, we cannot make any conclusions," he said, referring to the May 1 raid by Thai authorities.

According to non-government organization Tenaganita, or Women's Force, however, testimonies had shown Malaysians are "very much involved."

“From the testimonies of the migrant and refugee communities - particularly the Myanmar, Rohingya and Bangladeshi communities - Malaysians are very much involved in the trafficking of persons at the Thailand-Malaysia border,” the Malay Mail had quoted its director Glorene as saying earlier this month. 

Anadolu Agency