Twenty-five people were killed and dozens more injured on Tuesday when two bombs tore through al-Zahra neighborhood of central Syria’s regime-controlled city of Homs in an attack that has since been claimed by Daesh. 

Local sources in Homs told Anadolu Agency that a bomb-laden car -- which had been parked near a checkpoint run by a pro-regime militia -- exploded near the entrance of al-Zahra district. 

After ambulances arrived at the scene, according to the sources, a suicide bomber blew himself up, further increasing the death toll. 

Syria’s official SANA news agency, for its part, reported that 14 people had been killed in the attack, which had targeted a security checkpoint located on al-Zahra’s 60th Street.

Over the course of last year, regime-held Homs has witnessed numerous bombings, many of them in al-Zahra neighborhood. 

Daesh has usually claimed responsibility for attacks carried out in Homs. 

Last month, a car bomb and a suicide bomber struck al-Zahra, killing 35 and injuring dozens of others. 

Anadolu Agency