Israeli F-16 jets targeted Dahaniya area and the outskirt of Rafah border crossing with two missiles; no casualties were reported.

Also, eyewitnesses said that Israeli jets targeted an empty plot with two missiles in Rafah city as well as a similar position in the northern part of the Strip. Again, no casualties were reported.

The air raids came after Israeli shells targeted several positions on the border with the Strip, including some points belonging to Hamas. The Palestinian group held Israel responsible for “military escalation” along the borders.

Early Wednesday, the Israeli army said that a mortar projectile was shot on a military force that was near its borders in southern Gaza Strip.

Israeli state radio quoted military sources claiming that Hamas may be behind that attack.

Since Israel announced a cease-fire with Palestinian factions in the Gaza Strip on August 26, 2014, after a war lasting 51 days, sporadic incidents of projectiles launched from Gaza on southern Israel have taken place, according to Tel Aviv.