"I would like our government to stop providing a safe haven to Fethullah Gulen and I want him delivered to Turkey," the petition's headline said.

"Please help me to convince our president and our government that we as the United States should work with democratically elected authorities & governments."

The petition has already received 16,520 signatures and needs to reach 100,000 by Aug. 16 in order to garner an official response.

Turkey alleges that the Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETO) attempted to overthrow the government in Ankara in a series of moves organized by followers of the U.S.-based preacher who is accused of a long-running campaign to topple the government through supporters within Turkey, particularly in the military, police, and judiciary that form what the Turkish government calls a "parallel state".

Since the coup attempt Friday, Turkey has said it would officially engage the U.S. to extradite Gulen, whose first name appears in official documents without the first 'h'.

In response, the U.S said it would evaluate any official demand received from the Turkish government.

The petition can be accessed at petitions.whitehouse.gov.

Anadolu Agency