Turkey celebrates the Victory Day for 91st time

Turkish President Abdullah Gul, Parliament Speaker Cicek, Prime Minister Erdogan released messages to mark Victory Day.

Turkey celebrates the Victory Day for 91st time

Turkish President Abdullah Gul, Parliament Speaker Cemil Cicek and Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan released messages on Thursday to mark Victory Day, the 91st anniversary of the Turkish victory over Greek forces in the War of Independence. Turkish President Abdullah Gul released a message to mark Victory Day. Gul, during his message on Victory Day, reiterated that the Aug. 30 Victory, which was won under the leadership of Ataturk and through the robust solidarity between the nation and army, was among the most significant turning points in history, saying, “It is our biggest objective to protect what we have been entrusted with by our martyrs and war veterans with the same understanding and resoluteness, and to enable our nation to live independently forever.”  Turkish Parliament Speaker Cemil Cicek issued a message on the victory at the final battle in Dumlupinar. Cicek said "The heroes of our national struggle and the founders of our republic left us a powerful country and brought us in democracy and republic. We should protect these gains."

On the Victory Day, Prime Minister Erdogan, reminding that the country came back from the threshold of abyss as a result of the Victory Day, said "Turkey was freed from the occupation and took firm steps forward by setting great targets."

Stating that there was no doubt that the present existence of Turkish nation and the republic was a manifestation of the epic victory, Erdogan said "We are working heartily to protect and defend our republic and progressing toward our goals resolutely."

The leaders also attended a ceremony in Ataturk's Mausoleum (Anitkabir) in Turkish capital Ankara on Friday morning.

August 30 Victory Day is the commemoration of the victory at the final battle in Dumlupinar, ending the Turkish Independence War in 1922, and was dedicated to the armed forces.

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