Google unveils AI-generated answers in major search engine overhaul
15 Mayıs 2024 - 00:39
Google unveils AI-generated answers
Google announces plans to roll out AI-generated responses to online queries, marking a significant transformation to its search engine in a quarter-century
Türkiye, Azerbaijan strengthen natural gas cooperation with new agreement
14 Mayıs 2024 - 14:56
Türkiye, Azerbaijan sign landmark natural gas deal
'Natural gas will be delivered to Nakhchivan through Türkiye this winter'
OpenAI unveils enhanced ChatGPT model, GPT-4o, ahead of Google's Gemini announcement
13 Mayıs 2024 - 23:06
OpenAI unveils GPT-4o, enhanced ChatGPT model,
OpenAI unveils GPT-4o, the latest version of its ChatGPT technology, which promises to transform human-computer interaction
Chinese energy firms lead in winning bids for Iraqi oil and gas fields
13 Mayıs 2024 - 21:37
Chinese firms lead in bids for Iraqi oil and gas fields
China emerges as the top bidder in Iraq's oil and gas field licensing rounds, with seven Chinese companies securing bids for eight oil fields and two regions with potential deposits
FDI inflow to Türkiye reaches $1.5B in first quarter of 2024
13 Mayıs 2024 - 16:23
Türkiye attracts $1.5B in first quarter of 2024
Türkiye attracts $1.5 billion in international direct investment in the first quarter of this year, with financial activities leading the inflow
US-Türkiye Business Forum spotlights AI, bilateral economic cooperation
13 Mayıs 2024 - 14:22
Istanbul hosts US-Türkiye Business Forum
The Trade Winds forum in Istanbul serves as a pivotal platform, bringing together U.S. and Turkish businesses to explore the transformative potential of artificial intelligence while reinforcing bilateral economic cooperation between the two countries
Turkish leadership drives MediaMarkt's success in EU electronics market
12 Mayıs 2024 - 09:36
Türkiye climbs to second in EU electronics market
MediaMarkt, a major player in the European consumer electronics sector, climbs to second place driven by Türkiye's strong demographic advantages and effective leadership
Türkiye invites US firms to collaborate on Small Modular Reactors
11 Mayıs 2024 - 09:44
Türkiye seeks US collaboration on SMRs
Emphasizing SMRs' crucial role in Türkiye's energy future, Bayraktar highlights nuclear energy as essential for energy security, clean energy access, and achieving carbon neutrality by 2053
Hot air balloon tourism reaches new heights with 310,301 flights
10 Mayıs 2024 - 11:25
5.86M passengers soar on hot air balloons
The number of flights in a single day in Cappadocia alone surpasses those in other flight-permissible regions worldwide, Minister Uraloglu says
Turkish Airlines surpasses 25 million passengers
09 Mayıs 2024 - 16:05
THY exceeds 25 million passengers
Turkish Airlines reveals impressive growth in passenger numbers and cargo volume for April 2024
Swiss start-up unveils mammoth carbon capture plant in Iceland
08 Mayıs 2024 - 22:25
Swiss start-up unveils mammoth carbon capture plant
Swiss start-up Climeworks opens its second facility in Iceland, Mammoth, to expand its carbon capture capabilities to combat climate change
Competition Board fines META 1.2 billion Turkish liras ($37m)
08 Mayıs 2024 - 14:52
Turkish authorities fine META 1.2 billion lira ($37m)
Competition Board levies a hefty 1.2 billion Turkish lira ($37m) fine on META following the completion of two investigations
Wayve secures record $1.05 billion funding for AI in autonomous vehicles
07 Mayıs 2024 - 20:26
Wayve secures record $1.05 billion funding
British technology startup Wayve secures $1.05 billion funding round led by Japan's SoftBank to develop artificial intelligence systems for self-driving cars
'Made in Turan': Turkic nations target 20% bilateral trade growth, broader partnerships
07 Mayıs 2024 - 11:17
'Made in Turan'
Turkic states take another significant step toward building new bridges after 200 years of separation as seven Turkic states convene in Azerbaijan for the Turkic States Economic Forum
Turkish defense leader celebrates $1.8 billion export success with employee bonuses
04 Mayıs 2024 - 20:47
BAYKAR celebrates stellar export year
Pioneering Turkish defense technology company, BAYKAR, announces a remarkable profit-sharing initiative, rewarding its employees with the equivalent of 18 months' salary for their dedication and service
Southeastern Anatolia Exporters surpass $3.7 billion in foreign sales
03 Mayıs 2024 - 17:53
GAIB to achieve $3.7B in foreign sales in 4 months
Anatolian exporters sent products to 191 countries, with the top destinations for foreign sales being Iraq, US, Syria, UK and Saudi Arabia
Turkish-made accessibility app to extend services to Baku, Azerbaijan
03 Mayıs 2024 - 13:12
Turkish-made accessibility app expands to Baku
Turkish-developed mobile app providing voice-commanded assistance for disabled and elderly passengers on public transport prepares to launch in Baku, Azerbaijan
Borsa Istanbul's BIST 100 hits all-time high, closing at 10,208.65 points
02 Mayıs 2024 - 21:07
Borsa Istanbul's BIST 100 hits all time high
Borsa Istanbul's BIST 100 index reaches an all-time high, marking a historic milestone as the market's durability and investors' faith in the Turkish economy is rising
Court documents expose Google’s strategy to dominate search engines
02 Mayıs 2024 - 16:37
Google's $20B Safari strategy out
Court documents publicly expose Google's $20 billion payment to Apple, central to allegations of using wealth to dominate the search market
US market momentum shifts as investors await Fed's next move
01 Mayıs 2024 - 19:56
US market shifts as Fed's next move is expected
US Federal Reserve's announcements cause investors to wait cautiously as the central bank prepares for its two-day normal policy meeting.
McDonald's quarterly profit dips amid boycott calls over Gaza conflict
01 Mayıs 2024 - 10:12
Gaza conflict boycott hurts McDonald's profit
McDonald's faces backlash from its franchises in some Muslim countries in October following a move by the company's Israeli restaurants to give free meals to the Israeli military