EU: Industrial production up in May

2019-07-13 06:59:28

Denmark, Ireland and France record highest increase in May, Eurostat says

EU: Industrial production up in May
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The European Union's industrial production rose by 0.8% month-on-month in May, the European statistical authority announced on Friday.

In May, the seasonally-adjusted industrial production index was 107, compared to 106.1 in the previous month, Eurostat said.

"In the EU28, production of capital goods rose by 1.9%, durable consumer goods by 1.7%, non-durable consumer goods by 1.5% and energy by 1.3%, while production of intermediate goods fell by 0.1%," it noted.

Denmark recorded the highest increase with 4.4%, while Ireland (2.3%) and France (2.1%) followed it in the month among member states.

"The largest decreases were observed in Finland (2.9%), Romania (1.9%) and Croatia (1.7%)," Eurostat said.

Meanwhile, the industrial production in the EU posted an increase of 0.4% in May on a yearly basis, according to official figures.