Turkey eyes global hub role in bike production

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Editor : Tevfik Sayraç

EU's antidumping duties for Chinese goods give Turkey chance to strengthen its position in bicycle sector

Turkey eyes global hub role in bike production

The EU's antidumping measures against Chinese goods are an opportunity for the Turkish bicycle sector, according to the head of Turkey’s Bicycle Industry Association.

The EU last month renewed antidumping duties and expanded them to such countries as Tunisia, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Indonesia and Malaysia, said Esat Emanet during the Eurobike expo in the southern German city of Friedrichshafen.

"Particularly the inclusion of Tunisia in the measures is important for our sector," he added.

Chinese firms used to sell bicycles to Italy and Europe through Tunisia, bypassing the duties, he said.

The Philippines, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Indonesia, and Malaysia also exported large numbers of bicycles to Europe, he explained.

After the EU expanded its duties, Turkey and eastern European countries have a chance to strengthen their position in the bicycle sector, he added.

Electric bicycles, a rapidly growing sector for the EU and world markets, also represent an important opportunity for Turkey, he stressed.

Underlining the added value of electric bikes, he said, “We aim to make Turkey a significant production base for them.”

"We will attract foreign investors to Turkey and make necessary investments to take advantage of this opportunity."

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