Historical artifacts suffered great damage from the earthquake

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In the 7.7 magnitude earthquake that occurred in Türrkiye, some historical artifacts were almost completely destroyed, while others suffered great damage.

Historical artifacts suffered great damage from the earthquake

Many historical and cultural heritages in different cities were damaged in the great earthquake centered in Kahramanmaraş. Some historical buildings were almost completely destroyed, while others were heavily damaged. The 1,500-year-old Antep Castle could not withstand the 7.7 magnitude earthquake. Great ruins occurred in some parts of the castle, which was first built during the Roman Empire. The castle, which was built in the 500s, houses the water systems that are on the UNESCO Temporary World Heritage List.

The dome and eastern wall of the historical Şirvani Mosque, which is also located in Gaziantep and estimated to have been built in the 17th century, partially collapsed. The historical Beyaz Han in the same city was damaged due to the earthquake. One wall of the inn collapsed.


The dome of the century-old New Mosque in Malatya was completely destroyed in the earthquake, and its minarets were severely damaged. In fact, the temple has a tragic story full of earthquakes. The mosque was built on the site of the Hacı Yusuf Mosque, which was destroyed in the earthquake called the "Great Earthquake" in Ottoman Period on March 3. The New Mosque, which was started to be built with the financial support of Abdulhamid and the people, could be completed in 1913. However, the structure was again severely damaged in the earthquake that took place in the city in 1965.

The Ulu Mosque in the Kahta district of Adıyaman, which was recently restored, is among the cultural heritages that have been badly damaged. The minaret of the mosque was completely destroyed. The front wall of the historical Greek Orthodox Church in Hatay was also destroyed. Due to the earthquake, all cultural and artistic activities in Türkiye were stopped.

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