Quran exhibition opened in Iraq

2023-04-10 14:45:25 | Son Güncelleme : 2023-04-10 14:59:04

An exhibition of handwritten Qurans from different periods was opened at the National Museum in Baghdad, the capital of Iraq. 47 thousand works in different languages were exhibited. The exhibition, which coincides with the month of Ramadan, will continue until the feast.

The Qur'an exhibition was opened at the Iraqi National Museum in the capital Baghdad by the Iraqi Ministry of Culture.

In the statement made by the spokesperson of the Iraqi Ministry of Culture, it was said that the 1,300-year-old manuscripts were exhibited. "The rarest works, which are among our 47 thousand works of different manuscripts and languages, are on display," said al-Alyavi.

At the same time, it was stated in the statement that the exhibition, which started on the Arabic Manuscript Day celebrated on April 4 and coincides with the month of Ramadan, will continue until the feast.


Iraqi Minister of Culture Ahmed Fekkak al-Bedrani, who opened the exhibition, said that the rare and precious Qurans written by great calligraphers, whose names are mentioned or not, were exhibited at the event.

Expressing that it is of great importance that the exhibited manuscripts of the Qur'an are in the National Museum, the Iraqi Minister of Culture requested that the Iraqis deliver their manuscripts of the Qur'an to the institution.

In the statement made by the authorities, it was stated that there are manuscripts that are not found in any museum in the world. "These include manuscripts from the 1st century Hijri, as well as some copies that were gifted to rulers at different times," it said.

After the 2003 US invasion of Iraq, which has a heritage of rare and valuable manuscripts dating back more than 1,500 years, many of these works were looted or damaged.

(Ihlas News Agency)