Ancient Egyptian amulet written on python skin was found in Türkiye

2023-04-12 15:13:48 | Last Update : 2023-04-12 16:10:44

Gendarmerie teams in Karaman, Türkiye acted upon the information they reached. Those who saw an artifact seized in the operation organized by the teams astonished those who heard it. During a search of a car, the teams were shocked by what they saw because the car was carrying a 4-meter-long python embossed talisman, thought to belong to the Ancient Egyptian period. The seized python skin was seized and detained M.E. He was released after his statement.

Karaman Provincial Gendarmerie Command teams started working after they got information that a person was trying to sell the historical artifact he was holding. The gendarmerie teams, which acted upon the instruction of the Chief Public Prosecutor's Office within the framework of the fight against historical artifact smuggling, caught the person with his vehicle.


According to the news in Ihlas News Agency, the teams searching the car seized a 4-meter-long python skin, which is considered to belong to the Ancient Egyptian period, with Hebrew inscriptions and an embossed talisman, which is considered sacred. While the seized python skin was confiscated, the detained person was released after his statement.

(Ihlas News Agency)

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