Maiden's Tower opened with a magnificent light show

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The Maiden's Tower, which has been restored by the Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism and is one of the symbols of Istanbul, has been opened to visitors after 2 years. The light and laser show special for the opening of the tower enchanted Istanbulites.

The Maiden's Tower, one of the iconic structures of Istanbul, was opened with a magnificent light show this evening after 2 years of restoration work.

The special light and laser show of the Maiden's Tower, one of the landmarks of Istanbul, whose history dates back to 410 BC, illuminated the night.

Thousands of Istanbulites flocked to the Salacak coast to witness this moment. After a two-year hiatus, the light and laser show at the opening of the Maiden's Tower, which was reopened to the visitors of Istanbul, enchanted Istanbulites. Many people recorded this historic moment with their cell phone cameras.

In the restoration works of the Maiden's Tower, which regained its original form during the reign of Mahmud II, the data from the end of the 18th century, which contains the most information and documents in the sources, were used. In line with this information, the redundant roof additions were removed in the restoration works, and the tower was restored in accordance with its original form.

Photographer Furkan Uslu, who came to watch and record the show, said, “After two years, we came to take our camera and shoot the Maiden's Tower to reach this moment. We witnessed many beautiful moments. We took beautiful photos. We will post our photos on our social media account. A longing is over. We witnessed it too,” he said.

Source: Ihlas News Agency

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