Barbie film doubles Oppenheimer at the box office

2023-07-22 15:58:50 | Last Update : 2023-07-22 16:27:33

The Barbie film, whose advertisements aroused curiosity, was released at the same time as the long-awaited Oppenheimer. Barbie doubled its rival Oppenheimer at the box office in the USA.

Barbie film doubles Oppenheimer at the box office
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The long-awaited Barbie and Oppenheimer films were released at the same time. Barbie, which met with the audience yesterday, opened with $ 22.3 million and Oppenheimer opened with $ 10.5 million.


According to the first box office data of the two films covering the USA, Warner Bros' Oppenheimer earned $10.5 million in previews. Universal's Barbie, which was eagerly awaited by the audience with its advertisements, doubled its rival with its earnings of $ 22.3 million. On the other hand, Barbie was released in 600 more cinemas in the US than Oppenheimer.


The film is based on Kai Bird and Martin J. Sherwin's 2005 film "American Prometheus: The Triumph and Tragedy of J. Robert Oppenheimer" by Kai Bird and Martin J. Sherwin. The film is set during World War II and follows Oppenheimer's development from a brilliant scientist to the man who oversaw the development of the atomic bomb. Oppenheimer is described as a "historical thriller" that will explore the moral and ethical implications of the atomic bomb. 

Cillian Murphy, who plays the lead role in the film and is known for the Peaky Blinders series, is accompanied by Florence Pugh and Robert Downey Jr. The director and screenwriter of the film is the world famous Christopher Nolan.


In the film, a Barbie doll living in Barbie country is expelled from there because she is not perfect enough and has adventures in real life. 

Margot Robbie plays the main character Barbie in the film. Pyan Gosling as her lover Ken. In the director's chair is Greta Gerwig.


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