Fishes collected by Turkish academics to be exhibited in Erzurum

2023-08-08 15:47:30 | Last Update : 2023-08-08 16:46:36

Fish collected from different provinces of Türkiye 53 years ago and preserved in special liquids will be exhibited at the Biodiversity Science Museum in Erzurum, eastern city of Türkiye, which is planned to be opened in the coming period.

Fishes collected by Turkish academics to be exhibited in Erzurum
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At the Biodiversity Science Museum, which was established with the aim of protecting biodiversity and contributing to society in terms of education, fish collected by Turkish academics from different provinces of Türkiye for fifty-three years will be exhibited in Erzurum, Anadolu Agency reported.


Director of Biodiversity Application and Research Center Prof. Dr. Levent Gultekin

Two thousand fish such as pike, snake, carp, trout, anchovy, and freshwater fish collected by academics in the 1970s in rivers, dams, and ponds in various provinces, especially in Eastern Anatolia, and preserved in jars in a special liquid were put into the Biodiversity Science Museum to be opened soon.

In the museum, where scientific studies are carried out by academics from Türkiye and abroad, in addition to these fish, giant mammoth, dinosaur, and whale replica collections consisting of 10 thousand species collected in 60 years from all over Türkiye, and 250 thousand individuals including plants, insects, mammals, reptiles, and fossils from millions of years ago are carefully preserved.

Source: Anadolu Agency



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