113 kilograms antique Buddha statue stolen in United States

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An antique Buddha statue exhibited in a gallery in the USA was stolen by a thief. The gallery owners pointed out that the statue, valued at 1.5 million dollars, weighed 113 kilograms and stated that it was surprising that a single person carried out the action within 25 minutes.

113 kilograms antique Buddha statue stolen in United States

It was reported that a bronze Buddha statue worth 1.5 million dollars was stolen from the Barakat Art Gallery in Los Angeles, United States (US).

Expressing that he was surprised by the theft, Paul Henderson, General Manager of the gallery, stated that the stolen statue was 1.2 meters high and weighed 113 kilograms.

"We have CCTV footage of the statue being towed to a lorry in the early hours of the morning. They broke down the driveway gate, got in, lifted the statue with a moving hitch, and loaded it onto the lorry," Henderson said.

Stating that the theft took place within 25 minutes, the security forces stated that they were surprised that the statue weighing 113 kilograms was removed by a single person.


It is stated that the stolen statue, which is considered an antique, is part of a temple and its history dates back to the Edo Period (1603-1867) of Japan.

Los Angeles police announced that efforts are continuing to catch the thieves with the support of security camera recordings.

Source: Reuters

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