Tunisian Jazz musician Dhafer Youssef set to perform live in Istanbul

2023-11-13 14:49:03 | Last Update : 2023-11-13 15:18:12

55-year-old Tunisian jazz artist Dhafer Youssef will meet his fans in Istanbul on Nov. 21

Tunisian Jazz musician Dhafer Youssef set to perform live in Istanbul
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Master musician Dhafer Youssef, who has won many awards and is regarded as one of the rare artists who can play many different instruments skilfully, is set to perform live in Istanbul.

The Istanbul concert of the musician, who closely follows Turkish music and has worked with musicians in Turkiye before, will start at 8:00 p.m. at Zorlu Performing Arts Center on Nov. 21.

Youssef, who has won many awards throughout his career with his albums "Saturn Returns," "Abu Nawas Rhapsody" and "Birds Requiem," is touring the world with his new album "Streets Of Minarets."

The Tunisian artist, who released his first album "Malak" in 1999, took his musical style even further with the album "Electric Sufi" in 2001.

Youssef has also performed for Turkish listeners in the past. The experienced artist noted that his music was like the Turkish people, that is, mixed between the Occident and the Orient.

"When Turkish audiences listen to me it is like listening to themselves, it's like when you see a painting and you feel like you are the one who did the painting. My music for the Turkish public is exactly feeling at home. This applies also to me as well, and I feel at home when I play in front of them," Youssef said.

"I feel like I'm playing for family, for my home people. What sets Turkish listeners apart from Western ones is that they share the deep feeling of the Orient with me. My music makes Turkish listeners feel goosebumps at the same time," Youssef emphasized. 

Source: Anadolu Agency

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