American rapper Redveil displays names of Gaza's child victims during concert

2023-11-14 15:55:12 | Last Update : 2023-11-14 16:07:46

American rapper Redveil displayed the names of Palestinian infants who lost their lives before turning four through a projection on the screen at his concert

American rapper Redveil drew attention to the human toll of conflict by projecting a list of names of children who lost their lives in Gaza due to Israeli actions. The emotional display on giant LEDs featured the names of infants who tragically lost their lives before the age of four.

"The kids on this list behind me died before they were even 4 years old. So it's not complicated, don't let people manipulate you," Redveil said.


Gaza Ministry of Health updated the death toll after contact with hospitals in Gaza City was lost over the weekend due to Israeli attacks.

The number of people killed in Israel's attacks on Gaza has increased to 11,240 since Oct. 7, including 4,630 children and 3,130 women.

Because the operating rooms at Al-Shifa Hospital were closed due to lack of fuel, 10 people, including "children, babies, patients, and injured people" could not be saved.

41,120 houses were also destroyed in the conflict; 94 government centers; and 71 mosques were destroyed; 253 schools were also damaged.

Al-Shifa Hospital Director Muhammad Abu Salmiya stated that 7 patients from intensive care and other services died yesterday due to a lack of medical supplies and a power outage.

Adding that 6 premature babies and 9 injured patients in intensive care lost their lives due to a power outage in vital equipment, Salmiya noted that the number of people who lost their lives so far in the hospital, which was surrounded by the Israeli army three days ago, has increased to 20.

Pointing out that these deaths occurred as a result of Israel not allowing fuel entry, he said that there were 33 more premature babies in the hospital whose lives were in danger.

Source: Newsroom

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