Enchanting fall scenery in the Kure Mountains, Turkiye's only Pan Parks

2023-11-18 16:01:09 | Last Update : 2023-11-18 16:30:49

Turkiye's only 'Pan Parks' with the status of the Kastamonu's Kure Mountains, enchanting autumn scenery. Autumn colors fascinate Ersizlerdere Nature Park

Enchanting fall scenery in the Kure Mountains, Turkiye's only Pan Parks
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Turkiye's only "Pan Parks" with the status of Kastamonu's Kure Mountains National Park, took on autumn colors. The national park, which offers fairytale images to its visitors with its unique natural beauties, was photographed from the air, according to a special report by Vedat Yunus Ikizoglu.

In the last days of autumn in the Western Black Sea, yellow and orange tones began to dominate in nature instead of green. Ersizlerdere Nature Park in Küre Mountains, located within the borders of Kastamonu and Turkiye's only "Pan Parks" (Protected Area Certification System) certified Küre Mountains National Park, also became colorful in autumn. 

Ersizlerdere Nature Park, which attracts attention with its wooden village houses, silence, and natural life, offers a visual feast to local and foreign tourists with its green nature and geographical beauties. Visited by citizens from many provinces of Turkiye in the nature park, the postcard landscape formed in the fall was photographed from the air with a drone.

"We are in the region that gave its name to the Küre Mountains and which includes the Independence Road National Park and Ersizlerdere Canyon was declared the 252nd natural park of our country. You can see every shade of green here. Our district, which gives its name to the Küre Mountains, is a copper quarry and the center of copper mines. Since it is a trade center, our region has Pan Parks status. Areas are untouched by human hands and Turkiye's fall scenery is the most beautiful place to see. You can see every shade of green here. Our guests who come to Ersizlerdere Nature Park are impressed by this autumn landscape where every shade of green is seen. Hopefully, those who visit here will introduce this region to their surroundings when they return and the number of visitors and tourists in our region will continue to increase day by day," Mustafa Cagir, President of Ersizlerdere Development, Education and Eco-Tourism Association, emphasized.

Source: Ihlas News Agency

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