Mummies belonging to 12th century await visitors in Turkiye's Aksaray

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Turkiye's only mummy museum exhibits adult, child, baby, and cat mummies from 12th century in Aksaray


The mummies, unearthed during excavations in the Aksaray region and now housed in the Aksaray Museum, Turkiye’s first and only museum with a dedicated mummy section, are drawing considerable attention. Although believed to date back to the 12th century, the 13 mummies, some remarkably retaining teeth and hair, have piqued visitors’ curiosity. This diverse collection includes adults, children, babies, and even cats.

"After the person dies, the internal organs are removed. A layer is wrapped completely over the body by feeding on beeswax and similar different chemical substances. It is then shrouded, covered with fabric, and covered with a lid. This is how we see them," referring to the construction and characteristics of mummies, Museum Director Yusuf Altin said.

Altin explained that they preserve the 13 mummies using specialized techniques and air conditioning systems in a dedicated section of the museum, maintaining temperatures between 21 and 23 degrees. 

Source: Ihlas News Agency

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