Global events during the first week of February

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Various events will welcome participants from different cities around the world in the first week of February

Global events during the first week of February

In the first week of February, concerts, exhibitions, theater and performances will take place in various cities around the world.

Among the most notable music events will be "The Rock Boat 2024" festival in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic from Jan. 30 to Feb. 4.

The historic concert hall Palau de la Musica Catalana in Barcelona will host the "Big Bang Beethoven" concert on Feb. 4.

At the Dal Verme Theater in Milan, Italy, on Feb. 1, Pietari Inkinen and Giuseppe Albanese will meet the audience with a musical with the orchestra.

At the Concertgebouw Concert Hall in Amsterdam, Italian conductor Riccardo Chailly will perform the Gurre-Lieder oratorio on Feb. 1.

Also at the Concertgebouw Concert Hall on Feb. 3, the famous cellist Leonard Elschenbroich will enchant fans in a concert.

"DocPoint Helsinki Documentary Film Festival" will be held in Helsinki, the capital of Finland, between Jan. 30 and Feb. 4.

The festival, which will be held for the 13th time this year, will include thematic documentary screenings on different topics as well as master classes.

The "Victoria Film Festival" in the Canadian province of British Columbia will start on Feb. 2.

Famous Hollywood actor Eric McCormack will attend the festival, which will be held for the 30th time this year, as the guest of honor.

The special screening of "A Tale of Love - Ferhad with Shirin", inspired by Nazim Hikmet's Ferhad with Shirin (Ferhad ile Shirin), which was written as a three-act play by Nazim Hikmet, will reunite the film's world-famous actors Turkan Soray and Alla Sigalova in Moscow after many years.

The event will be held on Feb. 3 at Dom Kino Cinema.

On Feb. 2, the exhibition "Landscapes from Türkiye" featuring 30 works by 20 Russian artists will open at the Yunus Emre Institute in Moscow.

"Art India 2024 Fair" will take place in New Delhi, the capital of India, from Feb. 1-4.

Artists from many countries will participate in the fair, where various art performances, exhibitions, workshops and activities for children and adults will be organized.

"Art Rotterdam 2024", which will take place from Feb. 1-4 in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, will include exhibitions of paintings made with different techniques with the participation of artists from many countries.

In Amsterdam, the "Haute Photographie" fair will be held on Feb. 1, where international photographers will exhibit their works.

In Strasbourg, France, the "Art3f Strasbourg" art fair will be held from Feb. 2-4.

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