Spanish, Italian artists react against Israel at renowned European art festivals

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At the Goya Awards gala in Spain and at the Sanremo Music Festival in Italy, many artists expressed support for Palestine and condemned Israel, accusing it of "genocide"

Spanish, Italian artists react against Israel at renowned European art festivals

Two major European art events, Spain's Goya Awards gala and Italy's Sanremo Music Festival, were marked by criticism of Israel for its attacks on Gaza by Spanish and Italian artists.

'Stop arms trade, immediate cease-fire in Gaza!'

At the Goya Cinema Awards gala held in Valladolid, Spain on Feb. 10, Alba Flores, known for her character "Nairobi" in the famous Spanish TV series "La Casa de Papel," famous female film actress and singer Ana Belen, director Estibaliz Urresola, director Alejandro Martin and singer Salvador Sobral made statements condemning Israel.

Flores, who took the stage to present the award and began her speech by saying, "Good evening and peace for Gaza, please," said: "It is very difficult, very contradictory to come and celebrate here in this dark period when 30,000 people are being massacred in Gaza. I hope the government of this country can do something."

Urresola, who received the best director award in the first feature film category for his film "20,000 Species of Bees," said: "I am using this opportunity to talk about what is happening in Gaza. It is a genocide and we must demand that governments stop it."

Additionally, many Spanish artists attending the gala night wore stickers on their palms or badges on their clothes with the message: "Stop the arms trade. Immediate cease-fire in Gaza."

The Spanish artists' condemnation of Israel was applauded by the audience.

'Stop the genocide'

The 74th Sanremo Music Festival, held in Italy this year, concluded on Feb. 10 after a five-day marathon. Many artists at the festival conveyed anti-war and "stop the genocide" messages through their performances.

Italian singer Dargen D'amico, who took the stage at the event, which is the oldest singing contest in Europe and held in Sanremo every year in February, made a powerful statement. He said, "History does not accept silence. Cease-fire," calling for a cessation of hostilities in the Middle East.

Eros Ramazzotti, one of Italy's world-renowned singers, also made a guest appearance on Feb. 8, singing "About 500,000 children live in conflict zones. Millions of them will never see the promised land. I say enough of bloodshed, enough of wars, let peace come."

Ghali Amdouni, an Italian rapper of Tunisian origin, drew attention with the expression "they bomb hospitals for a piece of land" in a verse in the song "Casa Mia (My Home)" he sang at the festival.

Ghali, whose performance drew reactions from representatives of the Jewish community in Italy, secured fourth place in the final of the Sanremo Music Festival with his song. During the final night, as he left the stage after his performance, Ghali used the phrase "Stop the genocide," further emphasizing his stance.

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