Ihlara Valley welcomes 600,000 visitors in 2023

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Ihlara Valley, the second largest canyon valley in the world, located in Aksaray province in Türkiye, welcomed 600,000 local and foreign tourists in 2023

Ihlara Valley welcomes 600,000 visitors in 2023

Ihlara Valley, nestled in Aksaray and renowned as the gateway to Cappadocia, remains a magnet for tourists, drawing both local and international visitors. As the second-largest canyon valley globally, it has a variety of natural wonders, including the Melendiz Stream. In 2023, the valley welcomed 600,000  visitors.

Ihlara Valley in Aksaray, renowned for its rich historical and cultural heritage, sees a growing number of visitors annually.

The world's second-largest canyon valley, boasting a 14-kilometer descent accessed by a 382-step staircase, attracts attention with its natural splendor and diverse ecosystem, housing hundreds of plant and animal species.

Ihlara, a natural canyon valley formed by lava from Mount Hasan, harbors 105 churches and approximately 10,000 caves, underscoring its rich historical and architectural significance.

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