Kayseri governorship unveils Erdemli Valley as tourism hotspot

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A project by the Kayseri Governorship in Türkiye has unveiled Erdemli Valley as a new tourist destination, inviting adventurous travelers to explore this hidden gem

Kayseri governorship unveils Erdemli Valley as tourism hotspot

A project by the Türkiye's Kayseri Governorship has brought Erdemli Valley to light as a new tourist destination. 

Erdemli Valley, home to dozens of rock-carved churches, is undergoing a tourism revitalization project by the Türkiye's Kayseri Governorship. The project, initiated in 2022, includes a new reception and promotion building, walking paths, and environmental lighting.

Mount Erciyes, an active volcano located near Erdemli Neighborhood in Türkiye's Yesilhisar, has eroded over time, forming a canyon-shaped valley. This valley is home to dozens of rock-carved churches and structures dating back to the Byzantine period, making it a significant historical and archaeological site.

The prominent structures of the 10-kilometer Erdemli Valley, 65 kilometers from the city center, include the Palace Monastery Church, St. Eustathios Church, St. Nicholas Church and Chapel, Michael Church, Twelve Apostles Church, Forty Martyrs Church, Single Nave Church and Bear Church.

The walls of the building believed to date back to the 10th and 13th centuries, feature scenes from the Bible and the Torah, some floral and geometric decorations, and single figures such as saints, bishops, and apostles.

Local officials said that despite hosting a small number of tourists last year due to ongoing work, the promotional campaigns are likely to boost the numbers further this year. 

Ahmet Cavus, the neighborhood chief, noticed a surge in the number of local guests to the region, especially on weekends.

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