Türkiye Culture Route stival kicks off with Adana International Orange Blossom Carnival

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Concerts, exhibitions, talks and events for all age groups will be organized in Adana from April 13-21 at over 30 locations in line with the Türkiye Culture Route festival

Türkiye Culture Route stival kicks off with Adana International Orange Blossom Carnival

Adana, the first stop of the "Türkiye Culture Route Festival" organized by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, will host various events for art lovers on April 13-21 as part of the International Orange Blossom Carnival.

According to a statement released by the Ministry, the Türkiye Culture Route Festival will continue from April 13 to Nov.10, aiming to create a festival atmosphere in the country with a culture and arts marathon spread over eight months in 16 different cities.

The festival will be even more colorful with the International Orange Blossom Carnival, which is part of the Türkiye Culture Road Festival project and is being organized for the 12th time this year.

Within the scope of the festival, concerts, exhibitions, talks and activities for all ages will be offered to the people of Adana for nine days at more than 30 locations.

Many events, especially the colorful Giant Carnival Cortege, will meet the festival visitors in Adana.

Mert Demir, Haluk Levent, Fatma Turgut, Emircan Igrek, Kofn will perform in Central Park.

In contrast, many musicians and groups, such as Gece Yolculari and Kafadar, will perform in Ataturk Park.

Ismail Altunsaray and Oyku Gurman will perform Neset Ertas folk songs in Ataturk Park.

In addition, the artwork "Ataturk on the Culture Road," which was specially produced for the festival and emphasizes the iconic structures of the cities on the festival route and Türkiye's rich history and culture, will be presented to festival visitors at the Train Station using an artificial intelligence algorithm.

For nine days, a "Children's Village" with colorful activities, workshops, stage shows, theaters, playgrounds and many other events will be established in Central Park.

Stage shows featuring cartoon characters that children recognize from the screens, fairground tents, thematic playgrounds and activity tents will be held in children's villages throughout the festival.

Art training in music, drama, dance, ballet and painting will also be offered.

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