Turkish culture is promoted at the Culture-Expo in France

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Turkish culture is being promoted at the Culture-Expo organized in Metz, France. Traditional Turkish handicrafts and cuisine are exhibited at the fair. Organized with the support of Yunus Emre Institute and MUSIAD, the event emphasizes the diversity of Turkish cuisine

Turkish culture is promoted at the Culture-Expo in France

Traditional Turkish culture, handicrafts and cuisine are being promoted at the Culture-Expo organized in Metz, France.

The Culture-Expo is taking place in Metz on May 9-12 with the support of the Consulate General of Turkiye in Strasbourg, the Yunus Emre Institute (YEE) in Paris and the Independent Industrialists' and Businessmen's Association (MUSIAD).

Visitors, who have the opportunity to get to know Turkish culture at the fair, observe the diversity of Anatolian cuisine with a photo exhibition titled “The Face of Turkiye's Gastronomy” organized by YEE, Paris.

The frames that make up the “Istanbul” themed exhibition offers visitors the opportunity to get to know Istanbul.

The works of Turkish artists are on exhibit at the fair, introducing ancient handicrafts of Anatolia.

Visitors showed interest in the stands where tile art, which reflects Anatolian emotions and thoughts with its vivid colors, wire breaking, needle lace, traditional wood printing and designs from ehram woven fabrics, which are traditional hand embroidery arts from the Teke region, were introduced.

Turkish artisans inform visitors about traditional glass production, kutnu weaving and kitre doll making.

Anatolian folk songs accompanied by saz and folk dances from the Aegean region are being performed at the fair.

Visitors also have the opportunity to taste various dishes of the rich Turkish cuisine at the fair, where a traditional Turkish oil wrestling matches are admired.

The proceeds of the fair will be used to build a total of 11 schools in 11 provinces affected by the Kahramanmaras-based earthquakes that occurred on February 6, 2023, as well as the rebuilding of a school in Syria, also affected by the earthquake.

Emine Polat, who was given an artist promotion card by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, said to an Anadolu Agency reporter that she works with traditional clothes and continued by saying, “I think it should be our main duty to adhere to our traditions and to pass this on to future generations.”

Muhittin Eldemir, who was also awarded an artist promotion card by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, stated that he produces local kutnu weaving and said that the palace notables used the kutnu fabric, in which silk and cotton were used together, in their clothes during the Seljuk and Ottoman periods.

Eldemir noted that there are about 80 types of kutnu and all of them have their own unique names.

Cigdem Yildiz said that they made some applications from traditional Turkish handicrafts at the fair and demonstrated a wood printing technique using cheesecloth.

Student Ouly Sarr said that she came to the fair to learn more about Turkish culture and that the handmade works she saw in the section dedicated to art were very beautiful.

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