Turkish-Mongolian collab to explore ancient Turkic settlements in Tuul Valley

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Turkish and Mongolian academics will conduct joint archaeological excavations in Mongolia's Tuul Valley to investigate traces of Turks

Turkish-Mongolian collab to explore ancient Turkic settlements in Tuul Valley

A delegation from Izmir Katip Celebi University (IKCU) traveled to Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, at the invitation of Parliament Speaker Zandanshatar Gombojav. The team, led by vice rector professor Yasin Bulduklu, included social sciences dean professor Saban Dogan and Erasmus coordinator assistant professor Mehmet Emin Bakay.

Their visit culminated in a signed protocol with the Mongolian Academy of Sciences' Institute of Archaeology. This collaboration paves the way for excavations of historical Kokturk and Uyghur settlements located in Mongolia's Tuul Valley.

Professor Dogan stated that the excavation works in Mongolia will be carried out until 2026.

Noting that the studies on the Kokturk and Uyghur settlements are important for Turkish history and research on ancient Turkish settlements, Dogan said: "In this study, our aim will be to reveal and document the cultural assets belonging to the Kokturks and Uyghurs in the region through surface surveys and to present one of the oldest Turkish settlements mentioned in historical sources to the attention of the scientific world with all its details through excavation work.

We will examine the artifacts to be discovered during the excavations and present the results with laboratory analyses. If necessary, we will also restore the findings and conduct joint studies on their protection."

Associate professor Eregzen Gelegdorj, director of the Institute of Archaeology of the Mongolian Academy of Sciences, stated that international collaborations enhance the scientific studies of both countries.

Emphasizing that scientific interaction brings new perspectives to the academies of both countries, Gelegdorj said, "We closely follow the work of IKCU in the region. They are collaborating with local universities and have ensured the sustainability of their projects through an institute they established in Mongolia. Today, we are signing an agreement to jointly uncover our shared history. I believe that through our close cooperation, we will pass on our rich history and common past to future generations."

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