On 464th anniversary of Naval Battle of Djerba, Ottoman supremacy at sea is remembered

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On the 464th anniversary of the Naval Battle of Djerba, the Ottoman Empire's decisive victory under Captain-General Piyale Pasha is commemorated, highlighting their supremacy in the Mediterranean and the strategic significance of defending Djerba Island against the Spanish Crusader Navy

On 464th anniversary of Naval Battle of Djerba, Ottoman supremacy at sea is remembered

EXCLUSIVE BY KORAY ERDOGAN - The 464th anniversary of the Battle of Djerba, an important turning point in history, keeps the memory of a great victory alive. The naval battle, which took place on May 14, 1560, was recorded as an important victory for the Ottoman Navy, under the leadership of Captain-General Piyale Pasha, against the Spanish Crusader Navy where half of the Crusader ships were sunk.

Following the defeat at Preveza in 1538 and Emperor Charlemagne's disastrous Algiers expedition in 1541, the Crusader Navy, which was the leading naval power in the Mediterranean, had a strategic goal of capturing Djerba Island and attacking Tripolitania. However, the unexpected and decisive action of Ottoman forces caused surprise and panic among the Crusader troops. While the naval battle ended with the superiority of the Ottomans, a successful struggle was also waged against the Crusader troops on land.

The Naval Battle of Djerba marked the culmination of the Ottoman Empire's dominance in the Mediterranean. This victory consolidated the power of the Ottoman Navy at sea and sent an important message to the Spanish and Venetian forces.

Today, on the anniversary of the Naval Battle of Djerba, the importance of this historic victory is once again remembered and passed on to future generations. This important turning point in the Ottoman Empire's maritime history is commemorated with the heroic defense of Djerba Island and the victory over the Crusader forces.

Naval Battle of Djerba 

What would have happened if the Ottomans had lost at the Naval Battle of Djerba?

The loss of Djerba Island would have weakened the Ottoman Empire's strategic position in the Mediterranean, resulting in the loss of control of the main route to Tripolitania and a reduction in Ottoman influence over Algeria and Tunisia.

Spanish and Venetian forces would have gained morale and strength from the victory at Djerba and could have increased their influence in the Mediterranean, which could have undermined confidence in the Ottoman Empire's naval power and diminished the international prestige of Ottoman dominance in the Mediterranean.

Map showing the locations of the Naval Battle of Djerba and other battles

The loss of Djerba could complicate the defense of Tripolitania and reduce the Ottoman Empire's influence in North Africa, resulting in the complete loss of Tripolitania.

With a defeat, the Spanish forces at the head of the Crusader fleet could have made bolder moves or adopted a more aggressive stance against the Ottomans.

However, all this is based on speculation, and actual historical events do not point such an outcome. The Ottoman Empire's victory at the Naval Battle of Djerba strengthened their maritime dominance in the Mediterranean and is considered a major turning point in history.

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