Our army does not have the strength to defend our country: German Defense Minister

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German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius Dan made a remarkable confession regarding the German army. Minister Pistorius expressed that his country is vulnerable to a brutal war.

Our army does not have the strength to defend our country: German Defense Minister

The war between Russia and Ukraine has been going on for over a year. Since the beginning of the war, Germany has drawn attention in its support to the Ukrainian army. The resources of the German army have long been the subject of debate, Defense Minister Boris Pistorius made a striking confession.


Minister Pistorius stated that the German army (Bundeswehr) was not strong enough to defend the country against a brutal war. Pistorius said, "We do not have an armed force capable of defending Germany or its allies against an aggressor like the Russian army. In the past, as Germany, we did not fulfill our obligations in NATO. After that, we have to make the necessary contributions as a country."


Minister Pistorius said, “If you can't show deterrence in time against autocrats who do not fear occupation and brutality, you will have to surrender. If you are responsible for the safety of people living in Poland or elsewhere, you must also fulfill your contractual obligations. As Germany, we must ensure that deterrence works again as soon as possible. "The Bundeswehr urgently needs weapons, big equipment, ammunition, and also soldiers," he said.

On the other hand, the German government had previously decided to allocate an additional 100 billion euros for the modernization of the army, but new defense industry projects could only start in December.

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