Iranian warplane flew close to Karabakh

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Azerbaijan gave a note to the Tehran administration by reacting to the Iranian warplane flying for more than half an hour near the liberated lands. Azerbaijan considered the incident as a hostile act.

Iranian warplane flew close to Karabakh

Azerbaijan gave a note to Iran because of the flight of the Iranian warplane on the border of the two countries.

In a joint statement made by the Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, it was reported that the Iranian warplane flew on the line between the provinces of Zangilan and Bilesuvar on the border of the two countries from 09:44 a.m. to 10:26 a.m. local time.

In the statement, it was stated that the Iranian warplane was cruising 3 to 5 kilometers from the border, and in some cases flew directly above the border line.


Reminding that there is an internationally accepted practice that a prior warning should be given if any military aircraft approaches the border of the neighboring country, the statement said:

"Contrary to this practice, the Iranian fighter jet's getting so close to the border and flying along the border line threatens the security of civil aviation and strains relations between the two countries. A warplane flying for more than half an hour near the liberated territory of Azerbaijan is a provocation and hostile behavior against Azerbaijan. We would like to remind you that Iran held a large-scale military exercise along the Aras River in the region close to the Azerbaijani borders in 2022. We strongly condemn Iran for such a provocative step, and call on Iran to make a statement on the issue and to avoid such steps in the future."


It was reported that Iran's Ambassador to Baku, Abbas Mousavi, was summoned to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and a protest note was given to him.

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