ZAHA, the best in its class, entered the Turkish Armed Forces inventory

2023-03-26 12:16:25 | Son Güncelleme : 2023-03-26 12:32:18

The Turkish defense industry is experiencing a golden age. An important statement has been made for ZAHA, developed by FNSS, which is shown as the best in its class. The first delivery of the Armored Amphibious Assault Vehicle (ZAHA), which will meet the needs of the Naval Forces Command, was made.

FNSS Defense Systems were commissioned for the vehicles to be produced to ensure the safe transfer of the troops stationed on the dock landing craft to the shore and land targets in difficult sea conditions. A total of 27 vehicles are expected to be put into use within the scope of the project. Of these, 23 will be personnel, 2 will be command and 2 will be rescue vehicles. The vehicles will be produced entirely with FNSS facilities and capabilities in accordance with the 'domestic development' model.

Within the scope of the project, an important development was announced today. President of the Turkish Presidency of Defense Industries, İsmail Demir, in a post on his Twitter account, stated that the first delivery of the Armored Amphibious Assault Vehicle (ZAHA) Project, which will meet the needs of the Naval Forces Command, was made.

In his tweet, where he also shared the video footage of ZAHA, İsmail Demir said: "We have started the deliveries of the Armored Amphibious Assault Vehicle ZAHA, which will provide a significant advantage to our marines in the field. With its mine and armor protection, firepower and mobility capabilities, we have started the deliveries of two countries in the world that have this capability. We are one. ZAHA will bring good luck to our Navy!"


According to the news of Anadolu, ZAHAs, whose technical features are determined in accordance with the operational concept and mission needs defined by the Naval Forces Command, are superior to their counterparts in terms of the number of personnel to be transported, ballistic and mine protection levels, and performance criteria to be provided on land and water.

Armored amphibious assault vehicles can both ensure the safe landing of troops in landing operations and act as an armored combat vehicle or armored personnel carrier after landing.

During the landing phase of the operation, the vehicles descend into the sea from the dock landing ships approaching the shore and cover the distance of several kilometers at high speed, ensuring that the troops land as soon as possible under protection. On land, it can perform side by side with other armored vehicles.


Armored amphibious assault vehicles, as dual nature vehicles, have to show superior performance both at sea and on land, in accordance with their job descriptions. Very few countries in the world have such vehicles in their inventory. In NATO and its allies, there is only one company other than FNSS, which produces vehicles in this class.

FNSS also conducts export-oriented negotiations with many countries interested in ZAHA. ZAHA, where the company also started its promotional and marketing activities, was exhibited abroad for the first time at the Indo Defense Expo & Forum 2022 Fair held in Indonesia in November 2022.

The ZAHA Project was initiated with the contract signed in March 2017 between the Presidency of Defense Industries and FNSS.

(Türkiye Gazetesi - AA)