Exercise by the Azerbaijani Army in Karabakh

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Azerbaijan army held exercises in Karabakh. With the exercises that intimidate those who try to destabilize the region, the war skills of the soldiers are tried to be improved and the soldiers are prepared for war. Necessary studies are also being carried out to fire with artillery batteries.

Exercise by the Azerbaijani Army in Karabakh

The Azerbaijani Army held a drill in the city of Jabrayil of Karabakh against the new provocations of the armed Armenian forces who did not leave the territory of Azerbaijan, where the Russian Peacekeeping Forces are temporarily located.

Azerbaijan regularly conducts exercises in the region liberated from the occupation of Armenia.

With the exercises carried out, the soldiers are made ready for war. Those who try to destabilize the region are intimidated.


Stating that they are working with artillery batteries in accordance with this year's exercise plan, soldier Valeh Bedredlinli said, "Military units come to the exercise area and do the necessary work to fire with artillery batteries.

"We are at the command center right now. We are destroying the coordinates of representative enemy targets by taking advantage of the experiences we gained in the intense clashes and the Homeland War in April."


Stating that they regularly conduct exercises, soldier Hasan Aliyev said, "These exercises are very important to increase the combat capability of the soldiers.

"As you know, we earned the name of the victorious army by crushing the enemy with an iron fist under the leadership of the commander-in-chief of the Azerbaijan Army in 2020.

"Our main goal is to protect the name of the victorious army, to show the whole world and the enemy that we are always protecting our lands. The Azerbaijani Army is bravely protecting its lands under the leadership of the commander-in-chief.

"The entire Azerbaijani Army is ready to fulfill any instruction at any time, anywhere, under the leadership of the Honorable Commander-in-Chief.

"This is our debt of honor and honor to our homeland, our nation, our martyrs and veterans."

(Ihlas News Agency)

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