Türkiye's unmanned fighter jet Kizilelma met skies of Istanbul

2023-04-29 14:02:32 | Son Güncelleme : 2023-04-29 14:20:43

As part of TEKNOFEST Istanbul, the unmanned warplane Kizilelma met the sky again. Tens of thousands of people followed the show with great excitement, while the moments when the Kizilelma took off were displayed second by second.

On the third day of TEKNOFEST-2023, there was great excitement after Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's speech. Bayraktar Kizilelma, an unmanned fighter aircraft developed by BAYKAR, rose to the skies of Istanbul.

Red Apple's flight was greeted with great enthusiasm in the event area. Tens of thousands of citizens watched Kizilelma's breathtaking demonstration flight with applause.

On the second day of TEKNOFEST, the world's largest aviation, space and technology festival, the Red Apple show was held at Ataturk Airport. As part of the festival, Bayraktar Kizilelma, Turkey's first unmanned warplane, flew with Akıncı UAV.


On the other hand, on April 25, Kizilelma had arrived in Istanbul from Corlu. Bayraktar Kizilelma, Türkiye's first unmanned fighter aircraft developed nationally and originally by Baykar, flew to TEKNOFEST 2023. Bayraktar Kizilelma took off from Corlu Airport Command in Tekirdag, where Akinci Flight Training and Test Center is located, and landed at Ataturk Airport to be exhibited within the scope of TEKNOFEST-2023.


Bayraktar Kizilelma project, which Baykar set out with 100 percent equity capital, started in 2021. Bayraktar Kizilelma, with tail number TC-OZB, which left the production line on November 14, 2022, was transferred to Akinci Flight Training and Test Center in Corlu, where it made its first flight on December 14, 2022, after successfully completing ground tests. Bayraktar Kizilelma met with the sky in a 'record time' like a year.

Bayraktar Kizilelma made an important progress by performing 8 flights in total with 4 flights during the days of 18-20 April. Bayraktar Kizilelma successfully completed the system identification and maneuvering tests with the landing gear closed for the first time at high speeds within the scope of last week's flights, reaching a speed of 630 km/h in the tests. In the 9th and 10th flight tests that took place in the past days, Bayraktar Akinci performed arm flight with the UAV, revealing the compatibility and potential impact of Baykar's unmanned platforms.

Bayraktar Kizilelma will perform air-air combat with its artificial intelligence capability along with air-ground missions. The unmanned warplane will be a power multiplier for Türkiye with its low visibility thanks to its low radar cross section. Bayraktar Kizilelma, which will be a platform that will revolutionize the take-off and landing capability of short-runway ships on the battlefield, will play an important role in overseas missions thanks to this capability, and will perform strategic tasks in the protection of the Blue Homeland.

Bayraktar Kizilelma, which has a take-off weight of 8.5 tons and a payload capacity of 1,500 kilograms, will also have high situational awareness with the national AESA radar. Bayraktar Kizilelma, which will use all nationally developed ammunition, will be able to operate with smart fleet autonomy.

(Source: Türkiye Newspaper)