ASELSAN's GÖKDENİZ integrated into MİLGEM-5

2023-05-13 15:32:33 | Son Güncelleme : 2023-05-13 15:37:43

A new development was announced in the Near Air Defence System named GÖKDENİZ developed by the defence industry company ASELSAN. It was announced that GÖKDENİZ was integrated into the MİLGEM-5 ship upon completion of the factory acceptance tests.

There has been an exciting development in the Close Air Defence System named GÖKDENİZ developed by ASELSAN. But first, let's briefly talk about the features of GÖKDENİZ. In addition to anti-ship missiles, it can effectively carry out ship defence against threats such as helicopters, aircraft, unmanned aerial vehicles and surface vehicles.

The GÖKDENİZ System also stands out with its superior features in the intensely competitive foreign market. While GÖKDENİZ attracts great interest from the naval forces of different countries abroad, production and acceptance activities for export projects are being carried out intensively.

The 35 millimetre fragmentation ammunition (ATOM) used by the KORKUT and GÖKDENİZ systems in the close-in air defence systems product family creates a dense cloud of particles by shattering in front of the target thanks to its precise time-programmed fuze. Thanks to this feature, it enables barreled weapons to show high effectiveness against small and fast air targets.

Following the completion of the factory acceptance tests, the GÖKDENİZ System was integrated into the MİLGEM-5 ship.


Haluk Görgün, Chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO of ASELSAN, stated that the GÖKDENİZ System was developed to meet the needs of the Turkish Naval Forces Command with ASELSAN's deep experience and know-how in near-field air defence.

Stating that GÖKDENİZ was produced entirely with domestic and national solutions, Görgün said: "The GÖKDENİZ System has not only eliminated foreign dependence, but also demonstrated a performance far superior to equivalent foreign systems."

Görgün pointed out that the close air defence requirements of the Turkish Naval Forces Command and the naval forces of other friendly and allied countries can be met effectively with this system, and noted the following:
"GÖKDENİZ Close Air Defence System stands out as a point defence system capable of destroying anti-ship missiles targeting the ship on which it is deployed. The system, which has a high effective range with the 35 millimetre fragmentation ammunition (ATOM) developed by ASELSAN, allows the simultaneous loading of fragmentation ammunition and conventional demolition ammunition and the selection of the desired ammunition in accordance with the target type."

In a statement made on his Twitter account, Haluk Görgün said, "The factory acceptance tests of GÖKDENİZ, the Close Air Defence System that we have developed with superior performance compared to the systems in the world, within the scope of the MİLGEM-5 Project have been completed. GÖKDENİZ will effectively meet the needs of our navy and allied countries." 

ASELSAN's official Twitter account made the following statement: 

"The GÖKDENİZ System not only eliminated foreign dependency, but also demonstrated superior performance compared to equivalent foreign systems. GÖKDENİZ creates a dense cloud of particles in front of the target and neutralises the air threat with the ATOM 35 mm Particle Ammunition it uses."

(Source: Türkiye Newspaper, Anadolu Agency)