Israeli soldiers attacked a community during Friday prayers

2023-06-09 16:49:54 | Last Update : 2023-06-09 17:10:49

The Israeli army fired tear gas at Lebanese prayers at the border.

Israeli soldiers attacked a community during Friday prayers
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Residents of Kafr Shuba in southern Lebanon prayed Friday prayers at the border to protest the ditches dug by Israel on the border on June 7 and in support of Ismail Nasser, a Lebanese farmer who was bulldozed. The Lebanese gathered around the ditch and Israeli soldiers stationed on the other side of the border intervened with tear gas.

Some Lebanese who were affected by the tear gas fired towards Lebanese territory suffocated. Soldiers from the United Nations Interim Peacekeeping Force (UNIFIL) were also on duty at the border during the tension. The Lebanese and Israeli armies remain on mutual vigilance in the area.

On June 7, Lebanese farmer Ismail Nasser prevented an Israeli army bulldozer from digging a trench in violation of the border. The images of Nasser standing in front of the bulldozer and not giving up his action were widely shared on social media.

Source: Anadolu Agency

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