Russian drone strike on Odessa kills 3 people

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Three people were killed early on Saturday when Russians attacked the Ukrainian port city of Odessa with a drone. The fire that broke out as a result of the drone falling into an apartment was extinguished with the intervention of the teams.

Russian drone strike on Odessa kills 3 people

In a statement released by the Ukrainian army, it was reported that the Russians attacked the Black Sea coastal city of Odessa with a drone early on Saturday and that the drone crashed into an apartment. 

"As a result of the airstrike, the wreckage of one of the drones fell into a high-rise apartment, causing a fire," a spokesman for the southern military command said in the statement.

3 people lost their lives in the attack. 27 people, including 3 children, were wounded. The fire was quickly extinguished and 12 people were rescued from the building.

The spokesman said the air defense of the Odesa region had shot down eight "Shahed" drones and two missiles in night air strikes on Ukrainian cities in recent weeks.

Source: Reuters

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