4 soldiers killed in attack on military base in Pakistan

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Militants attacked a military base in Pakistan, killing four soldiers and seriously wounding five others, the army said in a statement. The army neutralized two militants and launched an operation to capture two attackers.

4 soldiers killed in attack on military base in Pakistan

Militants armed with guns, grenades and rockets attacked a military base in southern Pakistan on Wednesday, killing at least four soldiers and critically wounding five others, army and security officials said. 

At least three militants were killed in retaliatory fire and an operation was launched to capture two other attackers, it said.

Three security sources told Reuters that scores of militants stormed the military base in North Balochistan in the early hours.

"Initial attempt of terrorists to sneak into the facility was checked by soldiers on duty," the army said, adding that "in (the) ensuing heavy exchange of fire, the terrorists have been contained into a small area at the boundary".

Source: Reuters

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