Russia attacked Kyiv with 20 drones

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Russian forces launched a third consecutive night attack on Ukraine. At least one person was reportedly killed in the attack on the capital Kyiv. The Ukrainian air force said its defense systems shot down all 20 drones.

Russia attacked Kyiv with 20 drones

Russian forces attacked the Ukrainian capital Kyiv for the third night in a row. At least one person was reported killed in the attack on Thursday.

The air force said its air defenses shot down all 20 drones launched by Russia to attack Kyiv and the surrounding area, as well as two Kalibr missiles in other parts of the country.

But the mayor of Kyiv reported that falling debris from the downed drones caused fires in the capital. He added that a body was found in the historic Podil neighborhood.

One of the apartment blocks was hit by falling debris, causing a fire in an apartment building and breaking nearby windows.

Source: Reuters

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