Second drone attack on the same building in Moscow

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As Ukraine continued its counter-attack against Russia, two drones attacked Moscow and Moscow region. One of the drones hit a building. No casualties were reported in the second attack.

Second drone attack on the same building in Moscow

Russia accused Ukraine of carrying out drone strikes in Moscow and the Moscow region, while another attack on the capital took place in the early hours of Sunday. The drone hit a building.

Russian officials claimed that Ukraine's counter-attacks were exposed in the attacks concentrated on the capital region, Irish Examiner reported.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said the other day that "the war is gradually coming back to Russian territory," but did not claim responsibility for the latest attack.


Earlier on Tuesday, Russia's Defense Ministry said it had shot down two drones outside Moscow. It said another drone had crashed into a skyscraper in a Moscow City business district, causing damage to the building's facade.

Earlier on Sunday, a similar attack was carried out on the same building and it was damaged in this attack.

The offices of government buildings, including Russia's Ministry for Economic Development, located 7.2 kilometers from the Kremlin, were among the damaged institutions.

Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin said no casualties were reported in Tuesday's attack.

The reason for the Ukrainian military striking the same building twice in a row is unknown.

Zelenskyy's advisor Mykhailo Podolyak tweeted that Moscow "is rapidly getting used to a full-fledged war, which, in turn, will soon finally move to the territory of the 'authors of the war' to collect all their debts," without confirming or denying Kyiv's involvement in the attack.


The Russian military also said that overnight Ukrainian forces carried out attacks with drones in the Black Sea.

The Defense Ministry said three drones targeted two patrol vessels on the annexed Crimean peninsula. All three drones were reportedly destroyed.

Source: Irish Examiner


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